Bits and bobs 零七八碎

更新時間 2013年 10月 22日, 星期二 - 格林尼治標準時間12:47

The script of this programme 本節目台詞

Feifei: Hello 大家好,歡迎收聽《地道英語》。我是馮菲菲。

Neil: (Sounding distracted) Yeah, Hi, I'm err, Neil.

Feifei: Neil, what are you doing? Can we record this programme please?

Neil: Yes, sure, just a second. (Talking to himself) I still need to call the bank, turn off mobile data roaming, finish this script, buy mosquito repellent…

Messy table

Neil needs to pack all his bits and bobs

Feifei: 你自言自語說什麼呢? We need to record this programme!

Neil: Yes, I know, just a minute. (Carrying on talking to himself) Need to pick up the Euros, check-in, pack the bag…

Feifei: Neil! What on earth are you talking about?

Neil: Sorry Feifei. I'm trying to sort out some bits and bobs before I go on holiday tomorrow.

Feifei: Bits and bobs? What has Bob done? 奇怪了,Bob 這個人挺好的,怎麼招惹你了?Why do you need to sort out Bob before you go on holiday?

Neil: No, no. I don't mean I need to sort out 'Bob'. The word 'Bob' here is not a person.

Feifei: It's not a person? 那 'bits and bobs' 在這裏到底是什麼意思呢?

Neil: In English, we use 'bits and bobs' to mean small things, or many different types of little jobs.

Feifei: 那也就是說你在去度假前還有很多零零碎碎地事兒要處理, 我明白了。原來bits and bobs 這個表達常用來指零碎的小東西或許多不同的亂七八糟的雜事兒。

Neil: Yes. Now let's hear some examples.

  • A: What are you doing tomorrow?
  • B: Nothing special, just a few bits and bobs.
  • Mum: Alex, can you tidy up all your bits and bobs?
  • Son: Okay.
  • A: Have you been to the shop round the corner?
  • B: No, I haven't. Is it good?
  • A: Aw, it's great – it sells all sorts of interesting bits and bobs.

Neil: Do remember 'bits and bobs' is an informal saying so we wouldn't use it in a formal situation.

Feifei: 注意 bits and bobs 是一個非正式的日常口語表達,通常在正式場合還應該避免使用。Neil, what about the phrase 'bits and pieces'? Is it the same as 'bits and bobs'?

Neil: Yes, 'bits and pieces' is another informal way of saying 'lots of small things'.

Feifei: Bits and pieces 也是一個非正式的表達,它的意思、用法和 bits and bobs 完全相同。Thank you, very helpful, Neil! (Panicking) Oh no, it's 7 o'clock. I need to go!

Neil: But we need to finish recording the programme...

Feifei: You can finish it Neil. I have to get all the bits and bobs for the party tonight before the shops close! Bye…

Neil: Err, OK. Well, maybe we can just finish it tomorrow? (Talking to himself again) I have got the visa, still need buy travel insurance and a guidebook. Ooh, must remember to ring my mum...

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