Fishing for compliments 拐彎抹角謀求恭維

更新時間 2013年 12月 3日, 星期二 - 格林尼治標準時間11:03

The script of this programme 本節目台詞

Li: Hello and welcome to Authentic Real English, I'm Li and with me today is Rob.

Rob: Shhh Li, be quiet. I think I've nearly caught one.

Li: Caught what?

Rob: A fish! That's why we're fishing - to catch a fish.

Li: Ah yes. 我們正在釣魚,希望有收獲,釣一條大魚。

Rob: I did say I would teach you the art of fishing - how to cast off and how to reel in a massive fish.

Li: Rob! 這麼說你對釣魚很在行?

Rob: Yes, I've been doing it for years... I once caught a massive shark... it was THIS big... but I'm not that good at it. I just do it for fun really, I'm not competitive or anything like that!

Li: Of course you're not! Rob 是在想辦法謀求恭維。Rob, are you hoping to catch some compliments today?

Rob: How big are they exactly?

Li: No. Compliments 我說的是恭維。當我們形容某人是在 "fishing for compliments" 意思就是說一個人假裝謙虛為了讓別人說一些表揚的話,恭維自己。 So Rob, you want me to say something good about your fishing?

a man fishing in a lake

What is this man fishing for?

Rob: No... not really... well, just one compliment maybe?

Li: Hmmm, I'll have a think while we listen to some examples of this phrase:

  • Jean was fishing for compliments about her outfit when she pretended she only took five minutes to get ready!

  • John kept saying he couldn't run very fast but he still won the race; I think he was just fishing for compliments.

  • Fred: Oh I can only speak a few words of French. I'm no good at languages.
  • Jane: Oh stop fishing for compliments Fred - we know you can speak five languages!

Li: 聽出來了嗎?"Fishing for compliments" 就是拐彎抹角謀求恭維。Well Rob, I am impressed with your fishing skills - look, you've actually caught something!

Rob: Oh yes - quick, let's pull it in.

Li: Oh Rob, it's just an old shoe. Perhaps you were right, you're not very good at fishing - but that's OK, I'm not much good either, all I've managed to catch today is this 50 kilogram salmon - what do you think?

Rob: (genuinely impressed) Wow - for a first time, that is amazing. I think that deserves a compliment...

Li: 瞧,Rob 這麼佩服我,肯定要恭維我一番喲! Go on then Rob...

Rob: I was going to say the eyes on that fish look just like yours!

Li: Hmm, that wasn't the compliment I was fishing for. In you go...


Li: for your own compliments! Bye.

Rob: Bye. Can you get me out please?

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