Take the mickey 取笑某人

更新時間 2013年 12月 10日, 星期二 - 格林尼治標準時間10:34

The script of this programme 本節目台詞

(Rob and Li are in a toy shop with Rob's nephew)

Rob: Thanks for coming with me to this toy shop, Li. I have to find a gift for my nephew, Dominic. It's his birthday.

Dominic: I'm a big boy now!

Li: Hey Rob, 你侄子很可愛喲,可是我知道小孩子們有時會很挑剔的,不過別擔心我來幫你選。

Dominic: I want that! Ooh on the shelf! Big ears! Mickey Mouse! Mickey, Mickey, Mickey Mouse!

Mickey Mouse at Disneyland Paris

Is he taking the mickey?

Rob: That one over there's ideal! It's really great.

Li: 怎麼?你想給他買電腦遊戲,他還不到四歲呢,Rob!

Rob: Oh he'll love it! You can be an astronaut who chases aliens...

Li: Oh 電腦遊戲! 你可以充當宇航員,用激光槍來追蹤外星人 Ptshiw ptshiw ptshiw... come on, Rob, this gift is for you!

Rob: Alright, alright. I am the one who likes it. Go on, take the mickey!

Li: Take the Mickey? OK. Dominic 你已經是大孩子了,米老鼠是小 baby 的玩具,咱不要,快給我吧。

(Li takes the Mickey Mouse toy from Dominic's hands)

Dominic: No! I like Mickey! He's got nice big ears!

Rob: There's no need to do that Li. Maybe a stuffed Mickey Mouse is all he wants.

Li: But Rob 你剛才不是讓我把米老鼠從 Dominic 的手裏拿過來嗎?

Rob: No, no, no, I said you were taking the mickey out of me. In English, the expression 'taking the mickey' means to make fun of somebody.

Li: 啊,原來 'taking the mickey out of somebody' 是個固定表達,和迪斯尼卡通片中的米老鼠沒關係,這個短語的意思是取笑、嘲笑某人。

Rob: That's right. It's a very old expression. Let's hear some examples.

  • When you asked me to lend you $2,000 I thought you were taking the mickey. You know I don't have much money.
  • My brother doesn't take anything seriously. He takes the mickey out of our parents and teachers all the time.

Rob: Now that this is clear, where is Dominic?

Dominic: I want that! Big car! Brrrum. It's like daddy's!

Li: 快看,Dominic 爬上了那輛閃亮的轎車,Rob, 這輛車可看上去很貴呀!

Rob: This is for boys with very rich uncles. Come back here, Dominic!

Li: Ah, 現在是你侄子在取笑你嘍!Taking the mickey out of you, Rob.

Rob: Come on, Dominic. How about... how about the Mickey Mouse... or this teddy bear here...

Dominic: No! I want the car! Brrrumm. Give me the car! It's my birthday!

Li: Yes, indeed. 現在 Dominic 認凖了就要這輛汽車,我要看看 Rob 有什麼絕招能說服他這四歲的小侄子!Bye.

Rob: Bye.

Dominic: And I will go home in my big car! Bye bye! Brrruum!

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