Cheap as chips 像薯條一樣便宜

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Chips are often paired with cod to make the traditional British meal 'fish and chips'. Photo: BBC


What the British call 'chips' are known in the United States as 'French fries'. Potatoes can be mashed, boiled or made into flat, thin, round, fried slices called 'crisps'.

英國人稱薯條為 chips, 而在美國人們將其稱為 French fries. 土豆有很多做法,可以 mashed 搗爛成泥,boiled 水煮,或是做成油炸薯片 crisps.


如果我們說某物 as cheap as chips 和薯條一樣便宜,那意思就是此物非常廉價。


People keep asking my mother which designer created her beautiful party dress. In fact she bought it at a street market. It was as cheap as chips.

Mobile phones used to be very expensive. Today they are as cheap as chips.


短語 let the chips fall where they may 的意思是不管後果如何,由它去吧。

I know you think investing in that company is risky, but I think we should do it. Let the chips fall where they may.


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