Under the table 私下,秘密地

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A giant table and chair

Artist Giancarlo Neri's work 'The Writer' consists of a 10m-high chair and 7.30m table, made of wood and steel. Photo: BBC


The installation 'The Writer' was shown in Rome's Villa Ada in 2003, then in London's Hampstead Heath in 2005. It is now on permanent display at the Villa Reale in Monza, near Milan.



短語 under the table 用來形容秘密的行為,尤其是那種背地裏,偷偷進行的腐敗不法行為。


If you want to open a business in a country where there is a lot of corruption, you may have to make under the table payments to officials.

Tony was a terrible driver. He kept failing his driving test - and eventually he got his driving licence under the table.


如果你 drink someone under the table 意思就是你的酒量很大,可以把別人灌醉倒地,自己卻安然無恙。

Johnny was a heavy drinker. He could drink anyone under the table.


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