Scraping the barrel 濫竽充數,勉強湊合

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Barrels in a cellar in Spain

When all the good wine is gone you have to scrape the barrel


A person who makes barrels is called a cooper. They also make other containers such as casks, buckets and tubs.

在英語裏,製作大木桶的木桶工被成為 cooper. 木桶工製作大小和功能不同的各種桶狀容器,如 casks 酒桶、buckets 水桶、tubs 浴盆等。


To scrape the barrel 意思是在沒有更好選擇的情況下處於無奈只能濫竽充數,將就湊合。


You chose Mark to represent us at the meeting? That's really scraping the barrel.

A: What are you wearing to the wedding?
B: The same dress as last time. I know I'm scraping the barrel. I just can't afford anything new!


如果某事被形容為 a barrel of laughs 那就意味著這件事很搞笑。這個短語常被用在否定句中。

A: How was the meeting?
B: Pretty bad. We found out they are cutting 10 jobs. Not exactly a barrel of laughs.


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