Oldest Holocaust survivor dies 二戰大屠殺最年長倖存者去世

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The Monument to the Murdered Jews of Europe in Berlin

A monument in memory of the victims of the Holocaust was built in Berlin

世界上已知年齡最大的二戰大屠殺倖存者愛麗絲·赫茲·薩默223日在倫敦去世。赫茲•薩默出生在布拉格的一個猶太家庭她曾被送入位於捷克境內的雷津納粹集中營,在那裏度過兩年時光下是BBC記者Vincent Down 的報道:

Alice Herz-Sommer had to face some of the worst events of the 20th Century: her husband died in the Dachau concentration camp. But she remained an optimist with a faith in humankind.

Born in 1903, she knew the writer Franz Kafka as a family friend.

Alice was taught piano: when she played, she said, she was with God. At Theresienstadt she was allowed to play still, which made her think the camp would not be so bad.

She was lucky to get out alive with her young son. Stephan, she said, had helped her survive.

Alice Herz-Sommer: "Love! When you love somebody it's beautiful. People complain. Why complain?"

Quiz 聽力測驗

What happened to Alice Herz-Sommer's husband?

He died in the Dachau concentration camp.

True or false? Alice missed playing a musical instrument when she was a prisoner.

False. She was allowed to play the piano in the Theresienstadt concentration camp.

Who left the concentration camp with Alice?

Her young son, Stephan.

True or false? Alice thinks she has a lot to complain about.

False. Alice thinks love is beautiful, and wonders why people complain.

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