Paris smog 巴黎霧霾

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Image caption Authorities hope more people will use public transport

巴黎的司機經歷了一天不同尋常的交通限制,這是因為政府為了減少巴黎市的高度空氣污染而採取的措施。在317日,只有單號車牌的車輛才允許上路。第二天,如果該限制仍舊繼續的話,則只有雙號車牌的汽車才能上路。BBC記者 Hugh Schofield 發回以下報道

Seven hundred police will be monitoring traffic from early in the morning. If you're caught in an even-numbered car, you're liable to a small fine, and you'll be told to turn back home. There are exceptions for electric and hybrid vehicles, and for cars carrying three or more passengers.

The measure's been tried once before, in 1997, when it's claimed it did have a noticeable impact on improving air quality. However for many people in Paris and the suburbs it's going to mean a day of inconvenience, and delivery companies are already complaining of lost income.

Politically, the stakes are high, because it comes just a week before Parisians start electing their new mayor.