To brush over 不理會,忽略

The script of this programme 本節目台詞

Yang Li: 大家好歡迎收聽《地道英語》。我是楊莉…

Rob: (up a ladder) And me, Rob. Hello. Now, Li, would you mind holding that ladder still, please?

Yang Li: I'm trying… but Rob, what are you doing up a ladder anyway?

Rob: I'm decorating!

Yang Li: Rob在裝修! Why?

Rob: Well, this studio is really scruffy – you know, not that smart – so I thought I'd tidy it up and paint it, too.

Yang Li: Hmmm, 看這樣兒 Rob 是要把錄音室粉刷一番。 I don't think it's a good idea, though.

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Image caption You need a paintbrush for decorating

Rob: Why not?

Yang Li: For a start, you haven't put any sheets down to stop the paint splashing on the carpet, … and you need to move the chairs outside… and you're wearing smart clothes, not ones for decorating in.

Rob: Well, no, errr. Let's just brush over that, shall we?

Yang Li: Brush over? You can't brush over those things – you'll get paint everywhere!

Rob: No, Li! When you say you will 'brush over' something, it means you will ignore it or not take it that seriously.

Yang Li: I see. 在英語裏如果你說 to 'brush over' something 意思就是不重視,忽略。 So Rob, you're saying making the preparations for decorating is not important?

Rob: Well… I'm in a rush.

Yang Li: I see. Let's hear some examples, shall we?

  • My teacher's history lesson was fascinating, but he brushed over World War I and that was the bit I wanted to hear about most!
  • We haven't sorted the figures for the meeting, but we'll brush over those and just talk about the future.
  • How old am I? Well, let's just brush over that and say I'm as old as I feel!

Yang Li: 聽出來了嗎?To 'brush over' something 意思就是不理會,輕率對待或忽略某事。 Rob, have you actually asked for permission to decorate this studio? It doesn't belong to you.

Rob: Well… err…

Yang Li: Are you brushing over that too?! Anyway, even if you did get permission, shouldn't you cover up the windows?

Rob: Yeah, that's true. But before I do any of that, there is something more important to do.

Yang Li: Oh yes?

Rob: Buy some paintbrushes!

Yang Li: Ah yes, you can't brush over that!

Both: Bye.