Under your belt 已獲得的成就

The script of this programme 本節目台詞

Finn: Hello and welcome to Authentic Real English. I'm Finn.

Feifei: And I'm Feifei. 我們正在參加一個高大上的派對。

Waiter: Champagne?

Feifei: Oh, yes please.

Finn: Oh, this party is full of famous actors, actresses and film directors.

Feifei: Very glamorous. (whispering) Oh look, there's... what's his name again? And what is he wearing?

Finn: Oh yes. What is he wearing? A bright purple suit...

Feifei: And pink leather boots...!

Image caption Do you have experience under your belt?

Finn: Yes! And he's got a few awards under his belt, hasn't he? Very successful...

Feifei: Under his belt? How do you know what he's got under his belt? I mean, we can see the purple suit and pink shoes, but...

Finn: No, no. If you say someone has something under their belt, it means they have a particular experience already - something that might help them in the future. So, in this case, he has the experience of winning a few awards already.

Feifei: 這為演員已經獲得了無數獎項 he already has lots of awards under his belt. Under one's belt 這個短語實際表達的意思是指某人在以往的經歷中已經獲得的成功,或已有的經驗和閱歷,而不是指在某人的褲腰帶下面。I think we need some examples to make that clearer.

  • After the new football manager had a few wins under his belt, he felt more confident.
  • I think Madeleine would be a great leader. She has so much experience under her belt.

Finn: Now we've got some examples under our belt - is it easier to understand?

Feifei: Yes, thanks! Oh Finn, he's coming over - that famous actor.

Famous actor: Hi. I saw you chatting over there and thought I'd introduce myself. I'm Willy Wards.

Feifei: Lovely to meet you. My friend Finn says you've won lots of awards?

Famous actor: I have. Would you like to see them?

Feifei: Erm... OK?

Famous actor: I always keep them with me. They're right here... under my belt.

Finn: Oh I'm sorry, I think we have the wrong guy. Time to go Feifei! Bye!

Famous actor: But I really do keep them under my belt! Do join us again next time for more Authentic Real English.