On the tip of my tongue 話到嘴邊(一時想不起來)

The script of this programme 本節目台詞

Helen: 大家好,歡迎收聽《地道英語》,我是Helen. 和我在一起的是 Rob. Hi Rob.

Rob: Hi Helen. How was your weekend?

Helen: Good thanks, I didn't do much, just relaxed. How was yours?

Rob: Interesting. I bumped into Bob…

Helen: Bob? Oh the guy we used to work with.

Rob: Yes, that's him. Well, I had a good chat with him. You know all he talked about was computers and how he could never get a girlfriend… well guess what?

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Helen: He's now head of IT?

Rob: No!

Helen: He's won the lottery and is a millionaire?

Rob: No Helen. He's getting married!

Helen: Oh that's good news. Is he marrying anyone we know?

Rob: Yes. That's the thing – it's someone we know really well.

Helen: Who's that?

Rob: Hmm… erm… I can't remember her name… it's on the tip of my tongue.

Helen: The tip of your tongue? That's a strange place – well ok, stick your tongue out.

Rob: (with his tongue out) Why do I need to do this Helen?

Helen: You said it was 'on the tip of your tongue'.

Rob: No Helen. I mean I know her name but I can't quite remember it right now.

Helen: Why didn't you say! On the tip of my tongue 直譯是「在我的舌尖上」,但實際要表達的意思話在嘴邊,但一下子想不起來了。Rob, 你應該很快就能想起來吧?Will you remember the information soon?

Rob: Yes I will. It really is just on the tip of my tongue. Let's hear some examples and her name might come back to me.

  • We nearly won the quiz; John had the answer to the last question on the tip of his tongue - but the other team said it first.
  • The name will come to me soon, it's on the tip of my tongue… ah yes, his name is Paul.

Helen: 話都到嘴邊了,可就是一時想不起來。So Rob, is the name of the woman that Bob is marrying, still on the tip of your tongue?

Rob: No. I remember it now – her name is Alison.

Helen: Alison – from accounts? That's great news.

Rob: It is and Bob says we're invited to the wedding.

Helen: Brilliant. I love a good wedding – when is it?

Rob: Oh, erm… errr…

Helen: Don't tell me. It's on the tip of your tongue.

Rob: It is… sorry. I'll remember soon.

Helen: I hope you do.

Both: Bye.