Busy bee 大忙人

Image caption Very busy bees


蜜蜂看上去繁忙不停,所以當一個人特忙的時候就可以用 as busy as a bee 來形容繁忙的狀態; a busy bee 就是我們說的一個大忙人。


I've been a really busy bee this morning. I've been to the shops, paid my bills, had a haircut and even been for a run.

Frank is a real busy bee. He's always doing about five projects at once! He needs to take it easy.


另一個短語 to have a bee in your bonnet 意思就是你對某事著了迷,沒完沒了地談論那件事。

He』s got a bee in his bonnet about fast cars. He talks about them all day long!