Cinema etiquette 電影院禮儀

Image caption Does the noise of someone eating popcorn at the cinema annoy you?

Vocabulary: Behaviour 詞匯:行為表現

For me, one of the greatest pleasures in life is going to watch a great film - or movie - at the cinema. It's a chance for escapism - getting away from real life. There's nothing better than being engrossed in a story unless, of course, someone decides to spoil the moment.

Whether at an art house cinema or a huge multiplex, someone usually decides to treat the auditorium like their own home! There is an etiquette - or accepted way of behaving - at the cinema which some people don't seem to understand.

To start with, some people always turn up late, causing you to rise from your seat to allow them to get past. Then, when you want to enjoy the digital projection and surround-sound effects, someone decides to slurp on their drink and munch their popcorn. And my worst bugbear is people who decide to chat to their friends; sometimes not even about the film. It's just bad manners!

I'm not alone in this rant. Simon Mayo, a film critic and radio presenter at the BBC, experienced a "new low" during a film screening. He says "the woman in front of me gets the phone out …, and then has an app on her phone which turns her phone into a mirror." He goes on to say a friend then got her phone out and used the torch on it to allow her to do her make-up!

He has helped to create a code of conduct for moviegoers - a list of rules on how people should behave at the cinema. One of them is to ban mobile phones, and another is not to take your shoes off - a very serious offence!

Of course, when we have paid for a ticket, we feel it is our right to relax and enjoy the film and in the way we want to, but we mustn't forget our fellow moviegoers who want to enjoy the cinematic experience too. Some cinema companies have attempted to stop anti-social behaviour by banning popcorn or having child-free film screenings.

The best option for anyone wanting to break the rules of cinema etiquette is to get a DVD and watch it at home. But we all know that the best way to appreciate the art of cinematography is on the big screen. It's your choice!

What about you? What annoys you about other people at the cinema?