A tough nut to crack 棘手的問題/難處的人

Image caption Coconuts are delicious… but you have to open them first!


當我們碰到難題時可以說 a tough(or hard) nut to crack – 特別難打開的堅果。這個表達也能用來形容一個難以對付或難理解的人。


My new boss is a tough nut to crack. I never know if he's pleased with my work.

How can we increase sales during a recession? That's a tough nut to crack!


表達 use a sledgehammer to crack a nut 用大錘來敲開一粒小堅果,實際意思是殺雞用牛刀,小題大做。

The police sent five officers to arrest one teenage thief? That's really using a sledgehammer to crack a nut!