France to train Russian sailors 法國將培訓俄國海軍

媒體英語會帶大家一起學習 BBC 撰稿人在報道世界大事時常用到的單詞和短語。

Image caption France has resisted international criticism over the sale of warships to Russia

四百名俄羅斯海軍陸戰隊員已經抵達法國,凖備在法國出售給俄國海軍的兩艘軍艦上接受培訓。儘管受到美國和其他盟國的批評,但是法國總統奧朗德拒絕取消這筆軍艦交易。以下是 BBC 駐巴黎記者 Christian Fraser 發回的報道:

This is a deal worth €1.2 billion to France – not to mention the jobs.

But it sorely undermines France's position – they've been one of the countries pushing Germany to take a tougher line with Russia over the recent unrest in eastern Ukraine.

President Obama has made his feelings clear. "It would have been preferable," he said, "to press the pause button".

The Hollande government says the current sanctions agreement doesn't cover military hardware and the contract, signed by President Sarkozy's government in 2011, is too expensive to cancel.