Germany wins the World Cup 德國慶祝世界杯奪冠

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Image caption How many times did Germany kick this in the World Cup?

德國舉國上下仍在慶祝德國隊獲得世界杯冠軍的喜訊。上周末,德國隊在里約熱內盧最終以 1-0 的比分擊敗阿根廷隊取得勝利。決賽在 90分鐘內打成平手,但德國隊依靠小將格策在加時賽的一粒進球鎖定了勝局,時隔 24年後第四次奪得世界杯。以下是 Matthew Kenyon 為 BBC 做的報道:

Germany's triumph - its first as a unified country to add to West Germany's three World Cups - is the culmination of more than a decade of planning, but far from Mario Gotze's fabulous winning goal at the Maracana being the end of the process, their hope is that this is the start of a period of sustained success. It isn't the end of the road for this wonderful team who were the most consistent, attacking, enterprising squad of Brazil 2014. They have deservedly become the first European side to win the World Cup in South America.

For Argentina, the final was a distillation of their whole tournament. They'll look back in particular at Gonzalo Higuain's horrible miss in the first half and wonder what might have been, but they have showed only sporadically their undoubted talent, and whilst Lionel Messi was named the player of the tournament, he has yet to fulfil his destiny as the supposed heir to Maradona.

Such is Brazil's rivalry with Argentina, the host nation's fans who were at the final were cheering loudly for Germany, the team who'd humiliated them in the semi-finals. Now the rest of the world can join in.