Britain goes ahead with fracking 英國允許利用液壓破碎法開採天然氣

媒體英語會帶大家一起學習 BBC 撰稿人在報道世界大事時常用到的單詞和短語。

Image caption The UK government hopes fracking will reduce the country's need to import gas

英國政府邀請能源公司參與爭議性的液壓破碎法在英國各地開採能源的競標。液壓破碎法的原理是在高壓情況下將水、沙子和化學物質注入頁岩岩石,迫使岩層開裂從而釋放石油或天然氣。反對者認為液壓破碎法會對環境造成巨大破壞。請聽 BBC 記者 John Mylan 發回的報道。

Around half of the area of the UK is being opened up for exploration. But there's expected to be particular interest in the north of England, which is thought to contain enough shale gas to power Britain for decades.

The licensing round is intended to accelerate the exploitation of shale, but it's only the first step. Firms also need a series of planning, environmental, and health and safety consents.

While the government hopes the industry will generate jobs and reduce our dependency on imported gas, it will not be at any cost. The government is tightening the rules around drilling in National Parks.

Fracking will not be banned, but it's likely to be permitted only in exceptional circumstances.