Big cheese 重要人物

A cheese wedding cake
Image caption Cheese wedding cakes are the latest trend for weddings in the UK


在一個企業裏,核心領導人物往往被稱為 big cheese。這個表達的字面意思是大奶酪,一個非常口語化的稱呼,所以在使用時要格外注意場合,最好別直接叫領導 big cheese。


If you want to get anything done here, you need to speak to the big cheese.

Since he became the big cheese he doesn't have time for us anymore.


另一個包含 cheese 的短語是 like chalk and cheese, 字面意思是像粉筆和奶酪,常用來形容兩個人的個性或面貌截然不同。


My two children are like chalk and cheese – one is tall with fair hair and blue eyes and the other is short with dark hair and dark eyes.

Me and my brother are like chalk and cheese – I'm really shy and quiet and he's really talkative and sociable.