Talking turtles 會「交談」的河龜

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Image caption Researchers recorded a specific sound when adult and baby turtles were together

巴西科學家通過錄音明顯地聽到了河龜在水下交談的聲音。這些河龜在做不同的事情時會發出不同的聲音,它們也會選用不同的聲音來和成年龜或幼龜交談。野生動物保護協會的研究人員認為這些河龜很可能是在使用聲音來交流信息。以下是 BBC 記者 Victoria Gill 發回的報道:

(Turtle sounds)

This muffled creak is what researchers heard repeatedly when they listened to giant South American river turtles swimming together. It could help explain how the animals coordinate their behaviour so well in the nesting season, when females gather in large groups at beaches before laying their eggs.

The researchers used microphones above and below the water to record the turtles at different stages in the season. And when the newly hatched turtles and adults were together in the river, scientists heard a different sound.

(Turtle sounds)

This, they think, is parents guiding their newly hatched babies on their first migration. Also the researchers say that their study also shows how vulnerable turtles could be to man-made noise disturbing this quiet but seemingly vital chatter.