Hair of the dog 解醉酒/以毒攻毒

The script of this programme 本節目台詞

Feifei: Hi Rob. Nice to see you here! I love this coffee shop by the park. And because it's outside, I can bring Fido with me.

(Fido barks)

Rob: Hello Feifei. Don't bark so loud, Fido... Oh dear... My head hurts so much...

Feifei: Oh, I didn't want to say it but... well, you don't look well, Rob!

Rob: I've got a hangover. I went to the pub yesterday to watch the football...

Image caption Does this dog have the key to your recovery?

Feifei: 然後就喝多了吧... and you had too much to drink!

Rob: Let me see: I had a beer after the first goal, and then two more... before Finn bought a bottle of whisky... and he told us to have just a small glass...

Feifei: Or half a bottle! After all this alcohol, there's nothing better than a good strong coffee! Oh, there's Finn. Hi Finn!

(Fido barks)

Finn: Fido - good boy! Hi Feifei! Hi Rob! Great match yesterday, eh?! I'd love a beer. Fancy one? Hair of the dog, you know?

Rob: Yeah, OK, go on then. The best thing for this hangover is the hair of the dog.

Feifei: The hair of the dog? 用狗毛來解酒。Is it what you use here in Britain to cure a hangover?!

Rob: That's what we say. Isn't it, Fido?

(Fido barks)

Feifei: Well, luckily I do have a pair of scissors in my bag. Come on, Fido. I'm just going to cut a little bit of your lovely long hair.

(Fido barks)

Rob: Feifei, no need to cut Fido's hair! In English, when we say 'the hair of the dog', we mean a small alcoholic drink which you have to cure a hangover. It's just an expression. Finn just offered me a beer.

Feifei: Oh, 原來你的意思是解醉酒,對吧?The hair of the dog 就是喝點兒酒來解醉,以毒攻毒。不過這個短語也夠怪的,為什麼用狗毛來表示解醉酒?

Rob: Apparently it comes from the phrase 'the hair of the dog that bit me'. It's a reference to a medieval belief that when someone was bitten by a dog with the disease rabies, they could be cured by putting the same dog's hair onto the infected wound. Let's hear examples of how to use this expression in today's Authentic Real English.

  • The doctor told Jane to take a couple of painkillers and to drink plenty of water. He said that would be much better than the hair of the dog!
  • Alan felt better after drinking a Bloody Mary in the morning. His mate said the best cure for a hangover is the hair of the dog.

Feifei: So this is a very old expression. Although I think the best cure for a hangover is not to drink too much in the first place.

Finn: I drink to that! Cheers!

Rob: Cheers! No more drinking for me for a while. Thank you for your concern, Feifei. And your hair is all yours, Fido.

(Fido barks)

Rob: For me... it's just coffee today! Bye!

Finn: And I drink to that, too. Cheers!

(Fido barks)