The world's biggest guitar

Let's rock and roll! 讓我們搖滾吧!


Now here's something worth making a song and dance about...

At 13 metres long, this is the world's biggest playable guitar.

It's taking centre stage in an exhibition in the US about the instrument.

Who can resist strumming it?

This model's got eight necks. You'd have to be an octopus to make full use of it, though the exhibition's curator makes a good effort.

And like all true rockers, the exhibition is on the road - travelling the world for all guitar fans to see.

Vocabulary 詞匯:

making a song and dance (about something) 大聲喊叫,吆喝

taking centre stage 統領舞台

strumming 彈奏

curator 展覽策劃人,館長

on the road 上路了