Up in the air 懸而未決

A hot air ballon near Leeds Castle, England
Image caption Hot air balloons rides are popular near Leeds Castle in England. Photo by Helen Hu


短語 up in the air 的意思是由於很多不定因素從而無法對某事的最終結果下論斷,就像漢語裏常說的「懸而未決」。


The doctor told me I can't travel because I need to get some vaccinations done first. I'm not sure I』ll be able to go on Wednesday - it's all up in the air!

It's all up in the air right now: no one can agree on whether to sell the company or not.


另一個和單詞 air 有關的短語是 clear the air,它的意思是通過對話消除誤會、隔閡。


My dad was really annoyed at me for forgetting his birthday. Last night we discussed it and cleared the air.

I didn't know how my wife felt about the situation, so last night we talked for two hours and cleared the air.