To sail close to the wind 頂風而行

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Image caption Is he saying to himself "Nothing ventured nothing gained"?


如果形容某人 is sailing close to the wind 意思就是某人做冒險的事或斗膽做幾乎是違法的事。


John's business practices were sailing close to the wind. He was very close to having the company shut down.

Susan's comments were sailing close to the wind so we had to ask her to tone them down.


另一個短語是 to take the wind out of (somebody's) sails. 意思是殺殺某人的囂張氣焰或挑戰某人盛氣凌人的態度。


I was ready for an argument with my boyfriend but then he suddenly gave me a bunch of flowers - it took the wind right out of my sails.