A ray of sunshine 一縷陽光

A back country campsite in California
Image caption It is believed that vitamin D is essential to help the body absorb calcium from food


A ray of sunshine 用於形容某人或事在艱苦、困難的情況下給他人帶來歡樂和希望,就像一縷陽光。


After failing both my exams, going to see my mum has provided a ray of sunshine.

It's been a really terrible few days, but he's been like a ray of sunshine to me.

The new client provided a ray of sunshine for Steve's business on Monday.


短語 under the sun 字面意思是在太陽底下,比喻世上所有的東西。


Matthew seems to have an opinion on everything under the sun.

You can find almost everything under the sun in that shop.