Don』t look down! 兩勇者走鋼索成功橫穿維多利亞瀑布


The wonderful sight of Zimbabwe』s Victoria Falls.

Two daredevils trained for two years to make the 100-metre-long crossing on a slackline. German student Lukas Irmler and Austrian journalist Reinhard Kleindl are the first people ever to cross the gorge walking upright.

It might be a daring walk for many, but it』s just a hobby for these two and they managed to take it in their stride.

Vocabulary 詞匯:

daredevils 鋌而走險的人,勇者

gorge 峽谷

daring 冒險的

hobby 業餘愛好

take (it) in their stride 從容不迫,輕而易舉