A joke gone wrong 玩笑開得過火了


It seems like an ordinary motorsport event at Britain's former Grand Prix track, Brands Hatch.

But all is not as it should be…

(Commentary: "Why is there a Volkswagen Golf on the track?」)

As a prank, 22-year-old Jack Cottle drove his girlfriend's car onto the circuit while a race was in progress.

Egged on by a friend, Cottle did one lap before pulling over.

Over two million people have watched it on YouTube.

But it's no laughing matter: the judge sentenced Jack to eight months in prison to deter others.

Vocabulary 詞匯:

prank 惡作劇,玩笑

egged on 被人慫恿

pulling over 靠邊停車

no laughing matter 不是開玩笑的事

to deter 阻止,威懾住