Give the cold shoulder 愛搭不理


The script of this programme 本節目台詞

Image caption Will an expensive designer shawl warm Lisa's heart?

Rob: Hi Feifei. What a beautiful woollen shawl you're wearing! But it looks far too elegant to use for just another day in the office...

Feifei: I know. 可不是嗎,我其實帶來是要借給 Lisa 用的,她可是剛升官了啊。

Rob: Really. But she's hardly even said hello to you since her promotion and you used to be friends...

Feifei: I know. She's been giving me the cold shoulder. 所以我這不才趕緊給她帶了條毛披肩 woollen shawl.

Rob: Feifei, you do know there's a difference between Lisa's shoulders being cold because it's winter and her 'giving you the cold shoulder', don't you? You can't just warm her shoulders and then be friends again.

Feifei: Yes, I do. 在英語裏,我們用 give the cold shoulder 直譯「給冷肩膀」這個短語來形容一個人對其他人十分冷漠,愛搭不理的態度。Rob, 這個短語也暗示了此人覺得自己高高在上,對吧?

Rob: Yes. It means they are rejecting you or ignoring you. And 'give the cold shoulder' is today's expression in Authentic Real English.

Feifei: 我們來聽幾個例句。


After Mary divorced her rich husband all their friends gave her the cold shoulder. She was not invited to their lavish parties anymore.

My brother told our parents I haven't been studying at all and my marks are low. I'm not happy and I've been giving him the cold shoulder. Let's see if he's got the message.

Feifei: 唉 Rob,我知道 give someone the cold shoulder 就是不願意搭理某人,但我覺得還是有希望用這條披肩挽回我和 Lisa 的友誼。

Rob: How come?

Feifei: Lisa 特別喜歡時尚,尤其是名牌衣服。等她一看見我這條這麼貴的披肩,肯定立馬就變我好朋友了。

Rob: Well, and if you lend it to her, she might not feel cold anymore... it's been rather cold in the last few weeks...

Feifei: Yes. This woollen shawl will stop her having cold shoulders and might even stop her giving me the cold shoulder. How about that?

Rob: Now that is a clever use of the English language.

Feifei: Bye.

Rob: Bye bye.