To steal someone's thunder 竊為己有

Prentended thunderbolt in sky
Image caption Are you afraid of lightning and thunder?


所謂偷走別人的雷聲 steal someone's thunder, 實際上意思是竊取別人的成果和榮譽從而達到利己的目的。


Sam stole my thunder when he said he'd done all the work. It's not true – I did most of it!

Please don't steal my thunder by announcing your engagement tonight. I want to tell everyone that I'm pregnant.

I was telling a joke and he just interrupted me to tell a different one. He always steals my thunder.


你知道 thunder 和 lightning 這兩個詞的區別嗎?前者意思是雷鳴;後者的意思是閃電。


I enjoyed watching the storm last night—I managed to take photos of the lightning. But my dog hid under the table—he』s terrified of the thunder.