Door opens for new Olympic sports 為新運動項目敞開奧運大門

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Image caption Will baseball become an Olympic sport?


國際奧委會取消了對夏季奧運會最多不得超過28個比賽項目的上限。此決定是國際奧委會在摩納哥舉行的兩天會議上表決通過的改革奧運40點計劃的一部分。以下是BBC記者 Richard Conway 的報道

Could this be the moment that squash and baseball have been waiting for? In agreeing to lift the cap on the overall number of sports, the IOC has opened the door to the inclusion of new Olympic disciplines.

However, they insist the present number of athletes at a Games must not increase, and the number of events must stay at around 310.

That will likely herald a turf war between individual sports in the coming years as they all fight to maintain and preserve their Olympic status.

Measures to reduce the costs of bidding and staging the games have also been approved, allowing certain sports to be held in a different country if deemed more cost effective.