To face the music 等著挨訓吧


The script of this programme 本節目台詞

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Image caption BBC music recording time!

Li: Hi Neil. How are you? You're looking quite proud of yourself...

Neil: Yeah, I'm great thanks. You know, I've managed to finish off my part of the script of our drama - you know the BBC Learning English Christmas drama

Li: Oh great! And did you remember to book the band for tomorrow's recording? The big boss is coming, you know. He's really looking forward to it?

Neil: Oh no, I forgot! I knew there was something I was supposed to do! Now I'm really going to have to face the music.

Li: Face the music? 你說聽音樂?你都忘了請樂隊,還有什麼音樂可言呢?

Neil: I thought you knew this expression, Li. To face the music is another way of saying you have to accept the consequences of your mistakes.

Li: I see. 原來這個短語和音樂沒有任何關係。To face the music 就是做了錯事之後要等著受批或受罰。比如老闆希望你做一件事兒,可是你忘了,沒有完成任務,那你就只好等著挨訓了。The boss was expecting you to do something and you haven't done it. Now you have to face the music - accept the consequences of your mistake.

Neil: To face the music is today's expression for Authentic Real English. Listen to some examples:


  • Whoever keeps missing these deadlines will have to face the music.
  • After two years of stealing from the family who hired her, the nanny was caught stealing red-handed. Now she has to face the music.

Neil: So Li, you're quite a good musician, aren't you?

Li: Well, I can play the guitar a bit...

Neil: Fantastic! Bring your guitar in tomorrow for the recording. You play the music to stop me facing the music!

Li: Well... OK, but I'm not very good...

Neil: You will be fantastic I'm sure. Thanks Li!

Li: OK. Bye!