In the eye of the storm 暴風之眼

Thunderstorm over the French Pyrenees
Image caption Lightning strikes during a thunderstorm over the French Pyrenees


在英語裏,我們可以用 in the eye of the storm 來描述某人是一場爭論的中心人物。


Greece is in the eye of the storm which has gathered over the world economy and is threatening to tear the eurozone apart.

Our teacher is making us sit our exams again. Johnny was caught in the eye of the storm after he boasted about cheating.


另一個包含氣象學術語的常用英語短語是 lull before the storm,意思是暴風雨來臨之前的寧靜時刻。

The shop assistants took advantage of the lull before the storm and tidied up the hat display. They knew the moment the doors opened they would be flooded with bargain-hunters.