Vaccine too expensive, says NGO 無國界醫生組織稱疫苗在貧窮國家價格不菲

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Image caption Some vaccines are sold to rich countries at a better rate, says Medecins Sans Frontieres

無國界醫生組織警告說,因為很多救命的疫苗價格飛漲,從而使得一些國家無法對兒童進行免疫接種。該組織指責製藥業對疫苗的要價過高並強調指出在經濟發達的西方國家,很多疫苗的價格實際上要遠低於經濟落後的貧困國家。以下是 BBC Jonny Dymond 的報道


Prohibitive is how Medecins Sans Frontieres describes the escalation in vaccine prices.

The group criticises the lack of competition in and openness about prices, pointing out that some developing countries pay more than France does for some vaccine.

In particular it takes aim at the high cost of pneumococcal vaccine; a treatment which it says has already earned blockbuster revenues for its two makers.

One of those, GlaxoSmithkline, said that any further cut in price would undermine the economics of production and threaten long-term supplies to poor countries.