Roll out the red carpet 隆重歡迎

Workers roll out a red carpet
Image caption Who would you roll out the red carpet for?


To roll out the red carpet 鋪上紅地毯的意思是「隆重熱烈歡迎某人,給與最高待遇」。


Tom rolled out the red carpet for his girlfriend on her birthday. He bought her a beautiful necklace and made her a Thai curry with fresh spices.

When the new clients come next week let's roll out the red carpet. Why not take them to that amazing five-star French restaurant?


另一個短語 to sweep something under the carpet 把什麼東西掃到地毯下面, 意思是「逃避或者隱瞞什麼問題」。


If you make a mistake don't just sweep it under the carpet. It's always better to admit it.