UK economic growth slows 最新公布數據顯示英國經濟增長速度緩步

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Image caption The UK economy performed well last year - but will this continue?

據最新公布的數據顯示,2014 年英國經濟增長率為 2.6%,這是自2007年以來經濟增長的最快速度。然而,過去三個月的數字可能預示快速增長的勢頭正在減弱。以下是 BBC Jonty Bloom 的報道。


Growth last year was good, but not as good as originally hoped and there are worries that the economy is losing momentum. The British economy is probably still expanding faster than any other major economy, and this is the fastest rate of growth since 2007.

However, that growth is rather patchy. The services sector is once again leading the way. But the construction industry is contracting quite sharply and manufacturing industry is pretty flat.

All eyes will now be on the growth rate in the first three months of this year. That could show the economy's expansion is slowing down again or it could be boostedby lower fuel prices. It's too early to say. We'll only know for certain in three months' time, just before the general election.