Snowed under 忙得不可開交

Skiers slide down Boston's Boylston Street
Image caption Sliding down a Boston street during a blizzard this year


Snowed under 這個短語其實和「snow 雪」並沒有什麼關係。在英語裏,人們常用這個表達來形容「忙得不可開交」。


I'm sorry, I can't write that report for you right now – I'm snowed under with work today.

I'm going to treat myself to a spa weekend. I've been so snowed under lately; I need some time to relax.


另一個同單詞 「snow 雪」有關的短語是 snowed in,意思是「大雪封門,被困在家裏」。

Wendy rang to say that she can't come for dinner tonight – she's snowed in.