Hold your horses 別著急

A gaucho and his horses
Image caption Cowboys from South America are known as gauchos


在英語裏,我們常用 hold your horses 這個短語來告訴別人應停下來仔細考慮他們對某件事情的看法或意見。


Hold your horses! You've only known her for a week. It's way too soon to think about marriage!

Hold your horses! You shouldn't quit your job just because you've had one bad day. Things might get better.

Hold your horses! Getting a tattoo on your face might seem like a good idea now, but you'll have to live with it for the rest of your life.


To hold your own 的意思是和別人一樣成功。


It was a fierce debate but Kate really held her own. It's difficult to say who won.