Old drivers kept off the road 眾多老年司機面臨駕照被撤銷

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Image caption The end of the road for older drivers

老年人一向被認為是最安全的司機群體。他們一般不會在交通高峰時段上路,發生事故的機率也比年輕司機小很多。可是越來越多的老年司機在英國被撤銷駕照了,原因是什麼呢?請聽 Judith Moritz 的報道:


Motorists over 70 are considered to be amongst the safest on the road. Many avoid rush-hour and late-night driving and are said to cause fewer accident-related injuries than younger drivers.

But more of them than ever are being stopped from driving for medical reasons. In 2011 just over 10,000 over-70s were banned because of their health. By last year, that figure had risen by a third to nearly 13,000 drivers.

The DVLA (Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency) says it is not clear why there has been such a surge in the number of older drivers losing their licence on health grounds.