Selfie-stick ban 博物館禁止在室內使用自拍棒

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Image caption Who wants to be in a 'selfie' with this famous Van Gogh painting?!

凡爾賽宮是歐洲第一個對自拍棒下禁令的博物館。這是因為博物館認為這些能伸縮的金屬棒有損壞藝術品的危險。請聽記者 Hugh Schofield 的報道:


Selfie-sticks are all the rage among tourists in Paris, especially Asian tourists. The expanding poles allow you to hold your mobile device at a distance of several feet, in order to get a wider picture of yourself, your friends and whatever's behind you.

But increasingly museums and galleries are worried not just about the disruption from group-selfies, but also the risk posed to pictures, tapestries and sculptures from people brandishing long sticks in crowded rooms.

Signs are now going up in Versailles saying they are banned from use: the Louvre and the Pompidou Centre are likely to follow suit.