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英國癌症研究機構說,60年代開始盛行的廉價全包旅行假期很可能是導致英國退休人群皮膚癌發病率「另人擔憂的增長」的部分原因。此機構還說,40多年前人們還沒有意識到應該如何保護自己的皮膚。以下是 Sophie Hutchinson 的報道。


The skin cancer malignant melanoma is one of the most common cancers in the UK, and kills more than 2,000 people here each year. Figures from the charity Cancer Research UK show just how sharply cases have risen in the past 40 years.

Back in the mid-70s just 600 pensioners were diagnosed with the disease each year, compared to almost 6,000 a year in 2010. And the rates were worst for older men who were ten times more likely to be diagnosed with skin cancer than their parents.

Women were five times more likely. Researchers believe the rise in the number of cases with this, the most dangerous skin cancer, is likely to be linked to the boom more than 40 years ago in cheap foreign holidays and the fashion for a deep suntan.