Whale makes record journey 灰鯨創哺乳動物遷徙距離最長紀錄

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Image caption The whales』 long journeys have intrigued scientists

科學家們說一條灰鯨橫穿太平洋遊出了單程2.25萬公里的距離,創下哺乳動物遷徙距離最長的紀錄。據追蹤器顯示,這條母灰鯨從俄羅斯海域出發一路南下至墨西哥然後又返回始發地。此研究報告發表在了《生物學報》(Biology Letters)上。以下是 Helen Briggs 的報道。


Scientists tracked the migration of the gray whale from one side of the North Pacific to the other and back again. The round trip took 172 days and covered 14,000 miles.

Researchers were surprised the female could find her way from the coast of Russia across the Bering Sea then down to breeding grounds off Mexico.

Conservationists say the small numbers of rare gray whales living in waters off eastern Russia may be part of a larger population travelling back and forth across the Pacific.