Let off steam 宣洩被壓抑的情感

Steam rising at the Roman Baths in the city of Bath, England Image copyright ThinkStock
Image caption Would you have a bath to let off some steam?


我們可以用非正式表達 let off steam 來表示宣洩被壓抑的情感、釋放情感,在日常對話中尤其被用來形容「把心裏的話都一股腦地說出來」。


Ruth spent the whole afternoon complaining about her boss. She needed to let off some steam.

We often go jogging after work to let off steam.


另一個短語 run out of steam 的意思是「精疲力盡,在事情進行過程中突然失去精力或興趣」。


My mum can talk for hours before she runs out of steam.

The beginning of his speech was fantastic but after a while he started to run out of steam.