Report backs third runway for Heathrow 倫敦希思羅機場第三條跑道

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Image caption Local residents are worried a new runway will mean more noise

在經過長達三年的討論評議後,「戴維斯報告」向外公布了其對修建倫敦希思羅機場第三條跑道考察的結果。由霍華德·戴維斯爵士領導的機場管理委員會的報告說支持第三條跑道的建設。以下是 Kamal Ahmed 的報道。


It took three years to complete, and weighs in at an impressive 340 pages, but Sir Howard's report on aviation capacity comes to a simple, single conclusion.

A new runway at Heathrow is the best option for maintaining Britain's connections to the world and providing billions of pounds in economic growth. In a move that is likely to be welcomed by business leaders and greeted with dismay by local residents and environmental groups, Sir Howard said that a third runway at one of the world's busiest airports would provide 70,000 new jobs by 2050.

To mitigate at least some of the controversy the commission's recommendations will surely spark, Sir Howard proposed a number of measures. Night flights will be banned – the government would make a parliamentary pledge not to build a fourth runway and an aviation noise levy would fund insulation for homes and schools. There would also be a legal commitment on air quality.