Give me credit 稱讚表揚我的功勞


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Image caption There are more ways than this to give credit

The script of this programme 本節目台詞

Li: 大家好,歡迎收聽《地道英語》,我是楊莉...

Rob: And me Rob. So Li, here we are, shopping again... what is it you're going to buy today?

Li: Me? No, I thought you wanted to buy something - you said to me this morning 'give me credit' - so here we are, all my credit cards, including my gold one - impressive hey?

Rob: Yes. But Li, I didn't actually mean...

Li: (Interrupts) ... So I'll buy something on my credit card and you can pay me back later - Rob 說他需要 credit,所以我就提出讓他用我的信用卡來買他的東西,日後他可以把錢還給我就行了 - that's 'giving you credit' - right?

Rob: Err, wrong Li. Although it's a nice idea - 'to give me credit' means give me praise or appreciation for something I've done. And this morning I walked the dog, washed the car, did the shopping, and I still got to work at 9 o'clock - so please - give me credit!

Li: I see. 原來,這裏的 credit 和信用卡沒關係,它的意思是「功勞」,那麼 give me credit 可以翻譯為「認可或給一些讚揚和稱許」,因為我的做了那麼多好事。Let's hear some more examples of this phrase...


  • We must give credit to our sponsors who helped pay for this new building.
  • I'll give her credit for her beautiful handwriting, but the answers she gave in the test were all wrong!
  • Give me credit - I worked all night to get the project finished!

Li: 現在我明白了 to give someone credit 就是「稱讚表揚」。I get the word 'credit' now Rob. This phrase has nothing to do with money so I'll put my credit cards away – I'm not going to give you financial credit or credit in terms of praise.

Rob: No praise? Why's that?

Li: 你別騙人了,我才不會表揚你呢 - you didn't really walk the dog because you haven't got one - the car is still dirty - and I did all the shopping, not you。所以沒出力氣就別搶功!

Rob: What?

Li: Don't take the credit for something you haven't done.

Rob: OK. Well - here's another phrase for you - give credit where it's due...

Li: Meaning?

Rob: You should at least acknowledge the things I have done - like turning up at the studio today to record this programme!

Li: Rob - you are a credit to the BBC!

Rob: Ahh, thanks Li. Err... any chance I could borrow your credit card now?

Both: Bye!