A face for radio 其貌不揚


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Image caption What? Did you say I have got a face for radio?

The script of this programme 本節目台詞

Yang Li: 大家好,歡迎收聽《地道英語》,我是楊莉。我的搭檔是Neil。 Neil,嘿,怎麼又晚了!他是個很出色的主持人,就是經常遲到!Oh, here he comes!

Neil: Sorry Li, I'm a bit late. I'm here now.

Yang Li: Wow Neil, you look so different today, a suit and tie, what's happening? 西裝革履的,凖備去哪裏?

Neil: Well, I have to present the video 'The Perfect English Gentleman'.

Yang Li: 《完美的英國紳士》That sounds fun, don't you want to do it?

Neil: No, not really.

Yang Li: Why not? You are a great presenter, everyone likes your voice.

Neil: Well, it's not my voice that's the problem. Look at this massive, broken nose, my spotty skin, missing teeth, long greasy hair… I'm pretty ugly, Li. I kept saying to my boss that I have a face for radio, but he insisted I present the video. What can I do?

Yang Li: Neil 總是那麼幽默,說自己長得不好看,鼻子龐大又不直,痘痘皮膚,牙齒脫落,頭髮長而且油膩。Did you say you have a face for radio? But you don't need to show your face as a radio presenter, do you?

Neil: That's exactly the point, Li. If you say someone's got a good face for radio, it's an indirect way of saying they are not very good looking!

Yang Li: I see. 我喜歡這個短語, 'a face for radio' 就是婉轉地說一個人長相不好看。請聽例句:


  • Man: Jane looked beautiful at her wedding.
  • Woman: Really? She must have had a good make-up artist because, to be honest, she's got a face for radio.
  • Man: No one's going to choose me at this speed-dating event.
  • Woman: Why on earth not? You're such a warm-hearted guy.
  • Man: Thanks. But you have to admit, I've got a face for radio.

Yang Li: 這就是今天我們要學的地道英語「A face for radio 」。英國人太幽默了,不直接說一個人其貌不揚,而是婉轉地他長了個適合做廣播的臉!Hey Neil, I think I have a solution for your video presenting problem… How about this for a good opening line? Do you want to hear it?

Neil: Go on then.

Yang Li: (clearing her throat) 'This modern English gentleman has got a face for radio. Just shut your eyes, relax and listen…'

Neil: Now you're making fun of me, Li!

Yang Li: Ok. Seriously, I think you will be just as good on video as you are in front of a microphone. You have a unique way of saying things which is clear, funny and engaging. 你講話清楚,幽默,有一種獨特的魅力。What face can beat that!

Neil: Thanks Li. I feel a lot more confident now! Just pass me that mirror…

Yang Li: Ok, here you go.

Neil: Actually I'm not that bad looking, am I?

Yang Li: No, you're not. You've got a face for TV and a voice for radio!

Neil: Hey, thanks Li, you've made my day!

Both: Bye!