Catching a cold 感冒了

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Audio: Catching a cold 感冒了

A Question and Answer of the week programme about describing the symptoms of a cold.




"How I can describe the symptoms when I get a cold. Should I say one plug of phlegm or a mouthful of phlegm? And which one is correct: 'runny nose' or 'running nose'? When I feel pain in my throat, I say 'sore throat', but when I feel itchy in my throat, what should I say?"


As soon as the summer comes to an end, it seems that everyone comes down with a cough or a cold.

If you become ill, do you know how to describe your symptoms to a doctor or pharmacist?

Some common expressions for describing a cold include "to be full of cold" and, if you have a blocked nose, "to be bunged up":

I'm sorry, I can't come to the party tonight, I'm full of cold.

I think I feel a cold coming on - I've got a sore throat and am really bunged up.

In this week's Question and Answer of the Week, Rosie gives Helen some advice on describing the symptoms of a cold, as well as a few pointers on politeness when it comes to blowing your nose!

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