Food idioms 2 食品成語(下)

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Food idioms 2 食品成語(下)

A Q&A programme about food idioms.




"I've heard British people say a lot of phrases about food like 'this is not my cup of tea', or 'oh, it's just a piece of cake'. So I think that is quite interesting. So can you tell me more phrases that are related to food?"

Jin Lu

When was the last time you went bananas? Have you ever eaten humble pie? Are you putting all your eggs in one basket?

Those are some of the popular food idioms you can take home today.

Yang Li spoke to four colleagues in BBC Learning English: Andrew, Abigail, Kaz and Finn, to find out what their favourite food idioms are.

In the course of 6 minutes you will learn 11 more food idioms while being entertained by their sense of humour.

If you look in any dictionary you will be amazed at how many food-related phrases and idioms there are. This is why we've made a second programme, following on last week's to stretch your imagination.

The question comes from Jin Lu, the top prize winner of the 21st Century English Speaking Competition in 2010. She finds food idioms fascinating and would like to know more.

You will find that food plays an important part in the English language and people use food idioms all the time.

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