Usage of the word 'need' 單詞need的多種用法

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Audio: Usage of the word 'need' 單詞need的多種用法

A Q&A of the Week programme about the word 'need'.




"I'm quite confused about the use of need. It is a modal verb, but you can also use it with a to-infinitive. I almost never use "needn't", but "don't need to". I think "You don't need to go" sounds much better than "you needn't go". Is there any difference between "need as a modal" and "need with a to-infinitive"? Is "you needn't go" the same as "you don't need to go"? Thank you. Looking forward to hearing from you."

Ying Wang

Did you know the word 'need' is both a regular verb and a modal verb?

Look at these sentences:

I need some new summer clothes.

People need regular exercise to stay healthy.

I don't need to go home.

I needn't go home.

So what's the difference between 'I don't need to go home' and 'I needn't go home'?

Why do we think it sounds strange to say 'needn't'?

Feifei will explain how to use the word 'need' as a regular verb and as a modal in this programme.

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