Continual, continuous 不斷的,持續的

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Audio: Continual, continuous 不斷的,持續的

A Q&A programme about the difference between the words 'continual' and 'continuous'




"I'm confused about the difference between 'continual' and 'continuous'. Could you please explain these two words for me? Thanks a lot! "

J. K. Tsui

Both continual and continuous can mean roughly 連續的。

For example: a long and continual war; five years of continuous warfare. But continuous has a sense of being unbroken and non-stop.

Unlike continual, continuous can be used to refer to 空間和時間。For example you can say the development forms a continuous line along the coast.

Continual, 一般用來形容頻繁發生但是有間隔的那種持續。For example, the bus service has been disrupted by continual breakdowns.

總之,continuous 比 continual 的使用更為普遍一些,比如在牛津字詞庫裏 continuous 就比 continual 的出現頻率高出五倍。


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