Somebody, anybody, everybody and nobody 不定人稱代詞

更新時間 2014年 1月 16日, 星期四 - 格林尼治標準時間10:59

Audio: Somebody, anybody, everybody and nobody 不定人稱代詞

A Q&A programme about the difference between the words 'somebody', 'anybody', 'everybody' and 'nobody'.




"I have a question about the use of indefinite pronouns such as anybody/anyone, somebody/someone, everybody/everyone, nobody/no one. I cannot tell them apart. How can I use them correctly? Thank you!"

Liu Ying

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Have you noticed the repeated use of the indefinite pronouns? That's because Yang Li is attempting to address Liu Ying's question. There is a very funny story in the lesson too, so click to listen and enjoy.

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