This week at the Olympics 本周奧運

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Photo gallery: the crying Games

  • Sui Lu crying
    Silver medallist 銀牌得主from China, Sui Lu, showed her emotion at the podium ceremony 頒獎儀式 for the balance beam 平衡木 during the artistic gymnastics 藝術體操 women」s apparatus finals at the 2012 Summer Olympics. Photo: Julie Jacobson/AP
  • Jessica Ennis crying
    Jessica Ennis of Great Britain couldn」t hold back her tears of joy 難以控制住自己高興的淚水 after winning gold in the women」s heptathlon 七項全能。Photo: Michael Steele/Getty images
  • Sir Chris Hoy crying
    Sir Chris Hoy, an Olympic veteran, was unable to contain his emotion 抑制住他激動的情緒 after winning his sixth gold medal, setting a new record in British Olympic history. Photo: John Giles/PA
  • Félix Sánchez crying
    Two-time Olympic champion Félix Sánchez of the Dominican Republic sobbed uncontrollably 無法控制的哭泣 on the podium during the medal ceremony for the men」s 400m hurdles final. Photo: Hannah Johnston/Getty images
  • Christine Ohuruogu crying
    Silver medallist Britain」s Christine Ohuruogu choked back her tears 強忍住不流淚 during the women」s 400m victory ceremony. Photo: Eddie Keogh/Reuters
  • Missy Franklin crying
    17-year-old Missy Franklin wipes away a tear 擦掉一滴眼淚 after winning the women」s 100m backstroke 仰泳。Photo: Adam Pretty/Getty images
  • Lin Dan crying
    Men」s singles badminton gold winner Lin Dan 林丹 reacts after becoming the first Olympic champion of this event to successfully defend his title 衛冕。 Photo: Saurabh Das/AP

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